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Patient: Skin Cancer - Melanoma

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: over 9 years ago, Male, Age: 62

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    over 9 years ago
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    Oh No

    Summer 2011 I got what I thought was a mole on the back of my left leg, just above the crease of the knee. I attempted to freeze it off but within weeks it was back. Later in the fall I had a visit with my doctor for an unrelated matter. I mentioned it to her, but it was not a concern because it had none of the ABCD markers. In January 2012 I had my annual physical and showed it to her but again, she thought it was harmless. It had grown slightly but still didn't have any of the ABCD markers. It just looked like a small blood blister. She said it could be removed but the insurance company may not pay for it if they considered it a "cosmetic" proceedure. I should also note that I had been all wrapped up in my mothers illness, and subsequent rehab hospital stay, in addition to working overtime every day in my own job. My days started at six and it wasn't unusual for me to arrive home after 7pm most nights. Everything was focused on Mom. No time for me, my house, or my health. A few weeks after the January physical I decided I wanted the "harmless" whatever it was removed. It was just in a bad location where it got irritated a lot and for comforts sake more than vanity I wanted the stitches healed before the warmer weather hit (I work outside... big surprise huh, melanoma) So I scheduled the procedure on Thursday March 1st because I had the next three days off from work and wouldn't have to worry about the stitches interfering with work. On Tuesday March 6, my doctor's associate called with the news of a melanoma (my doc was on vacation). Tests and appointments have been made. PET scan on Tuesday the 13th, and the oncology surgeon on Friday the 16th. Apparently it's a deep one so while I am trying not to freak out, I'll be shocked if the PET scan comes back with any good news. A week or two later

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