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Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: almost 9 years ago, Male, Age: 52

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    Oh No

    One day I got the news that my best friend's 15 yr old daughter was diagnose with Ewing's sarcoma, a very rare cancer that usually happens in kids. I decided to help in a way that I could use my health to make other's people health better. So I decided to raise funds for ACS and run a half marathon. I did it, and I was so proud, but still thinking WOW, cancer sucks, hope nobody else gets it. My husband started feeling discomfort since last November 2011. Doctors thought it was constipation, hemorrhoids, etc etc etc One day after problem didn't get better we ended up scheduling a colonoscopy with his gastroenterologist. He had it done on March 13th 2012 (last week!). After it was done, I went to the recovery room to wake him up and the DR shows up, my husband was still asleep, I'm trying to wake him up and make him smile when the DR tells us "I have very bad news and you have to make a decision... you have cancer, I am here to help you so you tell me what you want me to do next" Geez...not the news we were expecting. Tell me what to do next??? Like if we had experience on this! We couldn't talk and I guess he was in a hurry for his next colonoscopy, I saw at least 10 coming up on his screen after my husband's. I was trying to say something but my words didn't come out. I thought it was a nightmare and I was going to wake up soon. I finally started crying and told him "How are we supposed to know what to do next? What is "next"?? He said "Well, the next thing is to get a CT scan, if you want, we can have it done here or you can pick another hospital, that's up to you" To make the story short, we live in Chicago, we have 5 DRs now that have been working on the case so it has been a little frustrating to have all on the same page (oncologist, gastro, gastro surgeon, Chemo Dr, radiation Dr Finally hubby is schedule to start Chemo next Wed. He is so sad and depressed. His diagnose was T3N1M0 They recommended Chemo and radiation 1st, then surgery, then chemo and radiation again We have 3 young kids and he thinks he is not going to see them grow up. He is devastated, and says he doesn't want to fight. Is this a stage? Is he going to want to fight? We are still in shock, we feel the sky is falling down. I am usually a strong girl, but am I going to stay strong when I feel I'm crumbling??