nomoretears' Journey with Pancreatic Cancer

Spouse/Partner: Pancreatic Cancer

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: over 9 years ago, Male, Age: 71

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    over 9 years ago
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    Oh No

    My boyfriend was admitted to the hospital for a possible cholecystectomy. After CT scans, Ultrasounds, attempted ERCP, it was determined that his stomach was completely blocked and he could not eat. It took several days of dancing around an accurate diagnosis, talking about the possiblities of cancer everywhere but the pancreas, before I had to just ask point blank "Is this pancreatic cancer"?

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    over 9 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery

    A whipple procedure that was supposed to last 5-6 hours ended up lasting 11-12 hours. Tumor was wrapped around the blood vessels entering into the liver, pancreas, and small bowel, so the saphenous vein had to be taken from his leg to replace these blood vessels. We are preparing to being chemo/radiation soon. We will be using Xeloda. Does anyone have any experience with this drug and know what to expect? Are there any other caregivers out there who are having trouble with the patient being angry and taking it out on them. I don't know how to handle his anger and frustration, and I don't want to say anything to him because he is the one who has the cancer, but I don't know how to make him understand that it is changing my life too. It is hard enough to have to deal with handling everything that we have to do without being growled at while doing it. Any tips on how to deal with this, or am I the one dealing with this type of situation?

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