anglbv429's Journey with Bone Cancer

Patient: Bone Cancer

Patient Info: Living with cancer as a chronic illness (undergoing adjuvant therapy), Diagnosed: about 10 years ago, Female, Age: 60

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    over 9 years ago
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    Cancer has spread/Metastasized

    Oh No

    I am 51 years old i had breast cancer 14 years ago,i have bone cancer i never thought i would be going throgh this life is a mess with pain meds chemo, radation.its a mess how do u live your life to the fullest? I can't drive, i need help which i can't handle. i have always done for myself and others!I am lost, i found out i had bone cancer in N.C where i moved 4 years ago from R.I i left the man i loved and my pet penny to move back to R.I i was afraid i would die up there away from family,so i moved back.. today i am lonely...everyone says i need a life and to live life to the fullest...its so sad i don't know how to live my life to the fullest..i need help...i sit home like i am ready to die.....