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    Double Mastectomy

    Procedure or Surgery

    I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS in Jan/2012. I elected total skin sparing/nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy. Why? I did not want to deal with a lot of future anxiety- uncertainty- mammograms- radiation/Tamoxifen. Radiation really damages your skin and other healthy cells- not really discussed in your consultation. If u need a mastectomy/reconstruction in the future- u will have already damaged your tissues and your reconstruction may not be offered or look really bad. Final pathology showed not only DCIS but 1.2 cm Invasive on the right and 2 mm DCIS on the LEFT. So, if I had chosen lumpectomy/radiation, and they obtained clean margins- they would not have found the invasive on the other side of the breast- which they could never seem to identify on mammography or MRI. The total skin sparing gives you the best option for a SYMMETRICAL, realistic looking reconstruction. The down side is no nipple sensation. Radiation shrinks your breast and jacks up your skin and it can look "withered" Currrently, skinsparing/nipple sparing is growing rapidly as a choice for women around the country. UCSF/ and a breast reconstruction center in NOLA are 2 that have lots of cases under their belts. Well, now I'm told to take Tamoxifen for 5 years, which I was trying to avoid and possibly chemo- pending Oncogene score. So, until your final pathology report comes back- you really don't know what your dealing with. My reconstruction looks great and my breasts, I think look better, than 99% of women my age's "natural breasts" There's my skin/nipples/areolas covering some gel implants and cadaver tissue- feels a little weird, and incision is inframammary- not really noticeable. Good luck to all and I thinks this procedure is worth checking into !

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