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Family/Friend: Kidney Cancer

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: almost 9 years ago, Female, Age: 58

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    over 8 years ago
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    Oh No

    Saw small amount of blood in the toilet, again the next day, called gynocologist went in same day, she sent my daughter to hospital for some tests,she went back to work, feeling fine, Dr. called her at work & said come in tomorrow morning with a family member. He showed a football sized tumor on her left kidney, the largest He had ever seen. Her Dr. set her up for surgery in Santa Barabara with only 3% chance of survival. He removed the tumor & the kidney. She survived that and a couple of weeks later her Dr. said he wanted to make sure there was no more cancer & sent her to UCLA for many tests. It showed up in her lymph glands in a few places, her chest, & a new spot on her right kidney. He said they needed to start "aggressive" IL2 sessions and explained why & the side effects. He said it only helps 20% and Kidney Cancer is very hard to treat. If it doesn't work for you, you have maybe a year. She had one week in ICU at UCLA, went home & back to work & singing at her church and had 9 days off. She just went back Monday for the 2nd (5 day session,), but only made 4 treatments out of 14, however as of today they were going to see if she could do two more treatments, the last being at midnight, if not, they will stop the treatments for now. Her creatin level has been too high & her B.P. too low, so in the morning they will test her to see if it's safe for her to go home yet. Her Dr. said, "think of the worst flu you have ever had, it's 100 times worse." After a treatment, it's all the flu symptoms, throw-up diareah aches, confusion. She needs to drink a lot of water after a treatment, but when she does, she throws up. Then because she isn't hydrated enough her numbers are all off. She needs the water to flush out the poison and to keep her kidney working. They said after this weeks treament it would be 2 months, then re-tested. I'm so worried for her, I read an article about one woman that had a heart attack, this med. is really a strong one. I would just like to hear from other people how they did and how long until they felt fairly decent. At this point I'm scarred to death I'm going to lose her. Thank you for your in-put. She had no other symptoms & was loving her work as a teacher, this seems like a nightmare. She has a strong faith & such a wonderful & positive sense of humor. She inspires all those she comes in contact with.