Living4-2day's Journey with Colorectal (Colon) Cancer

Patient: Colorectal (Colon) Cancer

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: over 10 years ago, Female, Age: 47

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    almost 9 years ago
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    Problem with doctor

    Oh No

    My doctor i originally started out with did my first colonoscopy found my cancer over a year ago. When he told me i was going through other issues with my back and surgery with that. So it must not has been to important for him cause he just wrote me off. I finally went to another soctor a year later. Yea part of the fault was mine but as a doctor diagnosing someone with cancer you would think he would keep contacting you. I was never really told much about it when he diagnosed me with the colon cancer.

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    almost 9 years ago
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    Colon surgery (colectomy or hemicolectomy)

    Procedure or Surgery

    On April 5th i started my day out with a colonoscopy to tattoo the section to be removed then around 1pm the same day i was in surgery for about 3 hours . The doctor removed 9 inches of my colon and 13 lymph nodes. I was in the hospital for 7 days.

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