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Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: about 10 years ago, Female, Age: 59

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    Oh No

    In March I started having acid reflux, in speaking with my doctor he prescribed: Pepcid. I didn’t experience much relief and informed my doctor, he then prescribed Prilosec. The instructions: take one pill 30 minutes before eating. I did so and only felt a little bit of relief. I let him know again the pills weren’t 100% and at this point I didn’t want to continue to take pills and mask a problem. He told me to double up on the pills for 6 days and let him know how it was working. ***Some of my other symptoms at the onset of my "acid reflux" were feeling hungry but then only a very small amount of food would feel me up. I also at times when lying down felt like a I had a Lava Lamp effect going on in my throat. I often had the feeling of wanting to burp, but could not. Baking soda with water later helped. None the less there were time I threw up. To date from March 19th to May 20th 7 times. I ask my doctor to recommend me to a specialist. May 10, 2012 I had an upper GI and was told while coming out of sedation it was "bad news" it looked like a large mass of cancer. And she had an odd like smile and was quite casual. By the way, I was not at all impressed with how I was told and later addressed this to another doctor. The nurse/ or whatever role she has was, was being Mentored and not even on the hospital staff. I know the role of sharing such news isnt pleasant and it was must hard to do, nor did I want anything sugar coated, but her delivery and bed side manner I felt could crush another person and although I let it go and decided for myself how to take the news, I wanted to protect the next person receiving that same news. My further instructions were to get a CAT scan within the next week. My husband asks if I could have it right then and there and they said yes, but it would be a 2 hour wait because if a liquid I had to drink. We said no problem and waited. A lot of emotions happen in that 2 hours and at one point when I was washing my hands after using the restroom, I looked in the mirror and looked myself straight in the eye and said I have cancer. I cried. I figured this was the start of it all and I had to get to get a grip on what was about to come my way and all that I had to deal with, because that’s exactly what I was going to do. The CAT scan wasn’t bad at all and the technical was wonderful. There are indeed wonderful people each day to help us along. Mothers Day came the next Sunday and I wondered if it would be my last. That was the last time I allowed myself any doubt. My attitude is to not lay down my sword, but to pick it up and fight. The following Monday May 14th I had not heard anything so I called to find out if there were any results yet. I left a message to return my call. When I got the call the female introduced herself and mention her and I had already met, however I couldn’t recall her. Then she said we got the results from your CAT scan and "bad news" I then spoke and said oh, it's you. She continued to inform me the cancer showed up also in the lymph nodes and I would have to see a cancer doctor. We hung up and I later received a call to meet with Dr. Bigler in Portland, Oregon. That meeting will take place next Thursday May 24th. I'm looking forward to the appointment. I want to know things. I want to be informed and know what my next move is. I'm going to do this with all my might. I have shared the information with friends and family and the support and encouragement has been so heartwarming. People have told me they love me, they have shared links and personal stories they have shared that I am a strong person and I will fight this. They have offered to be there for me no matter what. I am rich with love from my friends and family. I am so thankful. Since hearing the news, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too much reading on the internet, I looked a bit and when at Barnes & Noble looked at what books they had on the subject. I wasn’t impressed with anything they had. There didn’t seem to be anything from a point of view I was looking for. It was okay, I'll keep searching. I did happen across a book warehouse and came across a book I haven’t stared reading yet, but it's called "Cancer on $5 A Day* chemo not included" its by Robert Schimmel. Billy Crystal was noted as saying "it is a true testament to laughter and the power of creative spirit" that alone, was the "energy" I am looking for. I also glanced around online at support groups for those with stomach cancer and wanted to hear from those with it and with someone who has it. It was on the American Cancer Association website I found a group called "What Next" also words I was looking for. I knew that would be the group for me. When creating an account, I was going to jut use my 1st name and I decided that I wanted it to be that even when I see my own username that had an extra zest of power and energy. I decided on Kellieslight, as I always see the bright side of things. Also shown in my profile picture taken well over a year ago. In my mind, I will always see the bright side of things and be the light for not only myself but others. A project I want to work on is to take all the beautiful heartwarming replies and responses I have received from those hearing my news and I will make a "Strength" Journal to have and reflect and gain support from and even encourage myself with quotes and pondering. The 1st quote that really hit home with me was “Deep in their roots, all flowers keep their light" by Theodore Roethke One more thing I want to note: I received a call last Sat. evening from the one that ordered the Upper GI, Debra Clemet and she wanted to check up on me. She stated she was shocked by the news and wanted to see how I was doing. She was wonderful, sincere and genuine. We had really connected when I 1st met her and even mention it to one another before departing. She said she was glad she ordered the scope and glad we were on onto things and moving forward. She also felt I had a great outlook on life and said I will get through this. She was so refreshing! I did share with her the "bad news" gal whom I had interacted with and mention it was worth bringing up, not to get her in trouble but to teach her and give her the opinion of someone on the receiving end of such news that her approach needs improvement. Debra then informed me the woman was being mentored, I then ask her to inform the doctor whom was mentoring her that this needed to be addressed to protect the next person and to teach her all the more as hard as the news is to share, don’t come to your own conclusion and call it "bad news". People are scared and need support at such a time not "summed up". She is forgiven and I am move forward. I have my list of questions for the doctor and am going into this with both of my light blue eyes open wide! Whatever news I receive, it will only be to let me know what direction I'm going in and do know that will be in the direction of what is best with my head held high and my sword ready to fight this.

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