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    I am an 80 year old male who for the last three years has been a patient driver volunteer. My wife and I transport needy cancer patients to and from local cancer treatment centers. We pay our own car expenses out of Social Security and a small retirement. We, if we keep track of our mileage to and from the patients treatment, are reimbursed by the county up to $18 per month. At todays prices, it is not worth the bother. Our round trip mileages are currently from 10 to 80 miles. There should be some way to reimburse volunteers for their use of, if only, their car expenses - to say nothing of their many hours of time. It costs, at todays' prices, many times over for the $18 allotment in simply one trip. I have recently notified our cancer center that I can no longer afford ($$$$) to continue my ability to help in this service. I find this very disheartening and disturbing personally. My wife and I care for and enjoy to know that we help when there are no other ways for the cancer patient to have their treatments. Thanks for listening - God Bless all the patients we might have helped if we could still afford to take them to the centers.