MSfighter2015's Journey with Multiple Sclerosis

Patient: Multiple Sclerosis

Patient Info: Diagnosed: almost 14 years ago, Female, Age: 39

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    about 6 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery

    I hate fillling out my whole MS story but I was newly married had a baby and bang I was told the terrible news. I was devistated but began the fight ASAP. I took all the injections but the disease either showed new lesions or I was too sick and tired of shoving needles in my body. I did Tysabri in[phone number redacted] and now I'm on Gilenya. 3 weeks ago I woke up blind, dizzy, slurred speech, memory loss. Walking into things and falling so got an brain MRI 2 weeks later and shore enough in 16 months my disease had 10 new active lesions all over my frontal lobe and cerebellum and lesions controlling all the symptoms I had. I was put into hospital for 1 week with steroids and pain meds but due to my veins all mostly collapsed, blown, two small or that my arms are covered in tattoos, I had a new IV everyday due to the IV falling out. I had a horrible time the last time on Tysabri because of my veins and the nurses were frustrated n this time said no not without a port put in, her veins can't take anymore. Well I had it put into my left chest today and had no pain till Dilauded wore off at home and then I felt like my left chest was hit by a truck, my left upper n lower back and ribs ft like they are broken and I can't take deep breaths at all and too ey head or arm, stand up, sit down, sit up, hug or lift anything is unbearable pain so bad I'm useless a d crying in continuous pain that is worse than child labor. I cry and pray and no matter why the pain is super bad. I can't sleep at all or eat and my husband and father r watching my breathing because its low and shallow n deep breaths kill me in pain. Its horrific n won't stop even with heavy pain meds, ice and heat! I'm scared to sleep because of pain n ow breaths. I can't take this pain its so bad its so intense and I don't need this after all the XXX with the disease progression. I need help or suggestions because I'm miserable help me

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    about 6 years ago
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    Respiration/breathing problems


    Port placement pain is causing severe breathing problems and sever pain is this normal? Help its maki g me cry n won't stop I can't move

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