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Survivor: Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer

Patient Info: Finished active treatment more than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: over 7 years ago, Female, Age: 55

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    The doctor's staff didn't get the OK from my insurance company and had 2 weeks to do it. surgery postponed 17 hours!

    Oh No

    My oh no, is more like an OMG! Because the people at my Oncologist/Surgeon's office did not get the referral they needed to pay for my surgery PRIOR to the surgery date itself! My first "OH NO" moment was when I found out they delayed my 7:00 am surgery because of the paperwork! My 2nd "OH NO" moment happened when I woke from surgery at about 4:00am. He told me I was at Stage 1 but instead of 1a it was 1c (meaning I would need chemo) because the cancerous tumor on my ovary broke. Constantly thinking about it now, I feel because of my delayed surgery and because he had been at work for at least 17 hours before he did my 4 hour surgery he broke my tumor when it most probably would not have if my surgery was done at the correct time!!! :'(

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    Abdominal hysterectomy

    Procedure or Surgery

    Besides the hysterectomy I also had a Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. My 87-year-old mother and fiance, Mike were with me as support for me. I was so nervous that early morning.The nurses calmed me down and prepped me for the doctor's first procedure of the day. My surgery time came and was being rolled to the operating room and was stopped because they didn't get the paperwork that said it was ok to do the surgery from my insurance company! I was anxious as it was and the wait drove me crazy! Waited and waited while laying in my pre-surgical room listening to the nurses talk on the other side of the curtain. I hear someone saying they had to talk to Val but she wouldn't be in until 1:00. Val....Val....Val? There was a Val that worked at my primary doctor's office, she worked afternoons on certain days! As I listened to several conversations I put two-and-two together. I told my mama and Mike, 'Someone screwed up with my insurance!' I couldn't believe it! How could someone be so carelessly stupid? Wasn't one of the most important things they needed to do was to make sure my insurance was going to PAY for the SURGERY???? I knew for sure it wasn't Val's fault. I had many other procedures and tests done and she always had my referrals ready and faxed the day I asked for them!! Gosh, I had a colonoscopy, tests, colon resection surgery and finished chemo a year ago and NEVER had problems before! So, back to that day...OK we have to wait 'til Val got into work. I figured my surgery would be sometime after they received the referral and after the surgery the doctor was doing at that time. My family waited and waited with me. Mama was probably hungry, she hadn't eaten since 4:30 am. I complained to the staff then someone gave them lunch passes and a $25 gift certificate to use at the gift shop! They left and came back to wait with me some more. We waited, and waited again with no explanations or excuses...no one let us know what was going on, they didn't know either! Dinner time and still we waited. They gave Mama and Mike more passes and another gift certificate so they went and ate some crappy cafeteria dinners then came back. It's 9:00 pm and we were doing what we were doing all day...waiting. We talked and thought my surgery would be postponed until the next day. I asked everyone that passed us to do something! My 87 yr old mother has been up since 3:30 am and I was soooo uncomfortable. Somewhere between 10-11 pm they took me in to surgery, I was exhausted! At around 3:00am the doctor told my family the surgery went well, it was caught early so I was at Stage 1...BUT HE BROKE THE TUMOR ON MY OVARY WHEN HE WAS TAKING IT OUT! OH MY GOD! What was happening to me? He said I have to have chemo now! Chemo again? I knew this chemo was different, stronger and this time my hair would fall out. Why? Why did it break? It was a very long day and the surgeon did surgeries back to back that day. From one, he went directly in to the next. How many did he do? How tired was he? Mike said when he came to speak to them after the surgery the doc looked like he was hit by a MACK TRUCK!! He even nodded off a few times when he sat with them Mike said. OH GOD, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF IN TO? I know deep in my heart that if this doctor would have done my surgery first thing in the morning instead of the last one that begun 17 hours later and didn't finish until over 21 hours, he wouldn't have broke my tumor! How I hate my Oncologist! I hate him to this day June 30, 2012, for more reasons that this. I had to do 6 rounds of chemo. 7-10 days after the first 3 rounds, I was hospitalized my blood counts were way too low or I had an infection or who knows at this moment (I can't think anymore and I can't stop crying)!!!! I pray that no one else has the horrific experience I did when the next female (who is 5+ pounds or more overweight) has her procedure...*crying* fifteen minutes after I saved my story). Oh, and by the way, because I was healing and prepping for chemo that I began 3 weeks later, we never got to use the stupid $50 in gift certificates that expired 30 days after the date given. I couldn't drive because of the surgery, Mama's too old and Mike never got his license. I tried several times when I was feeling well (and that wasn't often) and always got the run around trying to get their gifts! My chemo was AWFUL! My oncologist was even worse! I'm writing this in 2016 and I'm still very emotionally scarred! I can't write about it now but will soon. Well it's May 21, 2016 now. My mama passed away at 91.75 on March 4, 2015. I so regret listening to my mom by not suing my oncologist! She said he saved my life. Yes, he did but he also ruined it! I am now totally and permanently disabled with peripheral neuropathy. I have it from my knees to my toes and in my hands to my fingertips! besides overdosing me with chemo I found out he was a bully! He treated me terribly all through my chemo. Every single round! I will complete this soon too.

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