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Patient: Lung Cancer

Patient Info: Living with cancer as a chronic illness (undergoing adjuvant therapy), Diagnosed: over 11 years ago, Female, Age: 54

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    over 10 years ago
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    Oh No

    Hi to you all. I am a mother of 5 girl ages 19,17,15,13, 9 and twin boys ages 10. I was always healthy until I had a mini stroke. My husband took me to the hospital and had all kind of check up. They told me next day that I have a stage 4 of lung cancer. Well, I was so scared because when the doctors told me about it, it was like there was no hope to save my life. When I went to the oncology doctor he told me that in the report, there is a tumour in my brain too and I will be on chemo therapy for my lungs to shrink the tumour and radiation on my brain, but he sent me for another MRI of my brain. Luckly the result came back with none. I am done with chemo therapy and still on evastin medicine every 3 weeks as a maintenance just to keep cancer from growing. I am happy that am still alive but still scared. I can still tender on lungs now even my back. Don't know if that is how it suppose to be. Please help.