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Patient: Pancreatic Cancer

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: almost 9 years ago, Female, Age: 63

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    almost 9 years ago
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    Oh No

    Hello everyone. In April I went to the ER and was diagnosed with pancreatitus, had CAT scan, which didn't show anything, IV fluids and antibiotics. I was released 4 days later after my enzymes had returned to normal. Everything seemed fine for a while, but then started having abdominal pain again, usually at night, it would wake me up. I had changed my diet to extremely low fat and didn't have any problems eating. Then 3 weeks ago the pain got worse and I went back to the ER expecting another bout of pancreatitus, but this time my liver enzymes were sky high. Again IV fluids, antibiotics and a CAT scan which this time showed a blocked bile duct. Had ERCP to insert a stent and they did a brushing. Received diagnoses today that there is a very high probability that it's pancreatic cancer and they want to schedule me for the Whipple surgery as soon as possible. After everything I've read about it I'm scared to death, but on the other hand my doctor told me that I'm lucky to be a candidate for this surgery. I know it's considered MAJOR surgery, but I also think I shouldn't wait. Another issue I'm dealing with is my job. I had told my boss that I'm waiting for results of the biopsy. I asked her if she'd work with me regarding keeping my job and she said if it took more than a few weeks she's have to replace me. I was devastated as I really love my job and I've been there (a non-profit) for 7 years. It's not that the pay is great and we have no benefits, but I really enjoy the job, so now I'll lose that, too. But I'm starting to ramble, I'm scared and just needed to post to people who understand. The one bright thing is my husband, he's my absolute rock and I know I can count on him. Thanks for listening and have a good night.

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    about 8 years ago
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    Cancer is shrinking


    Went for my 3 month check up and my primary tumor has shrunk, plus the tumors in my lungs have "significantly decreased" and are no longer measurable. Cancer marker dropped from 412 to 75. Hugged doc and don't really remember too much about the 4 hour drive home. Hubby and I were just elated and thanked God. Called all friends and thanked them for their prayers. As much as I hate the chemo, it's doing its job. Will make an effort to stop complaining about it. More good news - instead of chemo every 2 weeks, now every three weeks and if things continue to go well doc promised a big break in November. Only issue I have is weight. I need to gain or she will drop one of the chemos (currently on 4). Hopefully doing the chemo every 3 weeks instead of two will help my appetite. Wanted to share to give hope. There were many days that I didn't have any. I struggled mightily with depression which was helped by anti depression medication and my local oncologist, a wonderful lady who even takes a minute to call me after hours to see how I'm doing and always greets me with a hug. What a wonderful lady with an amazing bedside manner.

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