OscarGarcia925's Journey with Liposarcoma

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Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: over 10 years ago, Male, Age: 39

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    about 10 years ago
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    Radiation or surgery side affects caused major nerve damage and now having a hard time walking with limited use of right foot and leg.

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    about 10 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery

    30+hours of surgery with 2 different procedures, tumor was cut due to complications from 1st surgery, had to come back a 2nd time a few days later to remove the rest of the tumor, a very high risk procedure. Now i have severe nerve damage due to surgery or radiation done during surgery, no one at UCSF ever sat down with me and explained what happened, learned about my procedure from my new doctors a month later.

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    about 10 years ago
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    Oh No

    I was having health issues, foot was hurting around January, went to the ER and got xray done, no fractures were found and was diagnosed with inflamed joints. was given a prescription of aleve or motrum. A few weeks later pain never went away so i started making appointments with my doctor. First doctors visit was at the county hospital. i notice they give each patient about 30minutes. first thing they do is take your blood pressure and sure enough my blood pressure is at 180/120... not knowing anything about blood pressure measurements i was like ehh so I'm going take a pill or two and ill be fine in a day or two..... nurse is freaking out. tested me 3-4x.. so i get in my little room and wait for the doctor, i'm really ready to get this foot pain over with allready. So the Dr. comes in and is really worried about my blood pressure.. im like ok ok but what about my foot.... so she looks at my swollen foot and talks to me about the symptoms. she diagnosed me with some kind of pinched nerve and sets up physical therapy a few weeks later, and a test to see were the nerve is pinched or to confirm her diagnose like 2months later... i then tell her about my stomach but its almost 30min into the appointment and shes like i dont have time to check all these things, follow me up on your blood pressure treatments. then a few appointments are scheduled. i see my Go to see my Dr this time, she looks over my file and is like: well the other Dr seems to have your blood pressure under control and she looked at your leg and had physical therapy scheduled and the EMG test and then asked me why i scheduled a meeting with her..... so i tell her that it was a follow up to check on my blood pressure and my stomach issues!!! so she looks at my stomach and is like yeah,,, theres someting there, schedules a CT scan and a ultrasound 5-6 weeks after this appointment with no followup.... im like ok.. guess she doesnt want to see me till after the test are complete? get a call from the clinic a month later and they tell me that my doctor had quit..... So the assign me a new one. The next day a Doctor from the clinic calls me. She had gone through my file and was worried about this mass in my stomach, i then tell her that the clinic actually assigned her to be my new doctor and we had a meeting in just a few days! my foot/leg problems are so bad now that i notice old people walking faster than me at the stores...... I go to see my new doctor and she is worried, calls the CT scan place and wants to have me checked out asap.... unfortunately they cant schedule me any closer then the date i already had set up a month ago, it was like 7days away. so the doctor contemplating on weather i should be sent to the hospital right there or just wait a week, she decides to let me go home but she tells me if anything happens, anything go to the ER!! Next day i wake up (june 8th) with shortness of breath (blood clot in lungs) having a hard time breathing and having pain my GF takes me to the ER, were i find out my kidneys are failing (had 2 nefrostomy tubes put in) blood clot in lung, and i find out that i had this huge tumor in my stomach area. Size of a football. a few days later they find out from the biopsy that the tumor was a liposarcoma. Surgery for this tumor was to big for the county so they sent me to UCSF.

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    about 10 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

    i will start DOXOrubicin: (Adriamycin) next week, 6rounds every round is 21days appart.

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    over 9 years ago
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    cancer free now, whooohooo. will have CT scans every 3months for check ups.

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