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Family/Friend: Cancer of Unknown Primary

Patient Info: Receiving hospice or palliative care, Diagnosed: over 10 years ago, Male, Age: 74

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    My Father in Law was diagnosed with Cancer Feb 2011. They have had a few thoughts on what type it might be and randomly tried different Chemo "Cocktails" in hopes that they would find the right mix. They have not. At first they thought he had Adrenal cancer because the found a tumor near his adrenal gland, then thought it was lung cancer after the found a spot on his lung. Since then the cancer went into his spine but radiation cleared that up now there is signs that it is in his lymph nodes. He has gone through chemo and radiation and and the doctors are still unsure about pretty much everything. Last week they told us that the cancer hasn't gotten any worse and this week they told us he had about six months left. We are seriously looking into alternative clinics in Mexico and the US but don't want to rely strictly on the internet. We are realistic in the facts but we aren't giving up hope. Has anyone been to or know of anyone that has been to the Clinics in Tijuana. If so could you let me know what you thought.