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Patient: Skin Cancer - Non-Melanoma

Patient Info: Finished active treatment less than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: about 11 years ago, Female, Age: 77

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    Mohs surgery

    Procedure or Surgery

    I have had 4 cancers removed from the lower parts of my legs. MOHS surgery was used for all four. The doctor who performed the surgery on the first 3 cancers used sutures to close up the wound. Recovery went fine. The doctor who performed the surgery on the fourth cancer did not use sutures but instead left the wound open to heal. Recovery time was lengthy, almost twice as long, and I have a large scar. It is amazing how simple the procedure is, no more than having a boil lanced! My first doctor insisted that I keep my leg elevated for 3 days after surgery but not so with the second doctor. Possibly that caused the lengthy recovery with my second doctor.

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