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Patient: Cervical Cancer

Patient Info: Finished active treatment more than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: about 49 years ago, Female, Age: 78, Stage 0

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    about 9 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery

    At 18 I had a tubal pregnancy and 1 ovary and both tubes were removed, at 23 Ihad a grapefruit sized tumor on my ovary that was surgically removed. At 28 I was diagnosed with early stage cervicle cancer, the doctor said since I already had my tubes out, it was best to remove my whole uterus insted of a conezation of the cervex, he thought it was best to do the surgery vaginally and it it would be an easier recovery. I was in surgery for several hours, because of so many adhesions from previous surgerys, what was supposed to be a quick and easy recovery took about a year and I had terrible menopause symptoms, bloating water retention, my face would be so swollen at times my eyes would barely open, and the doctor would lectur me about not having lost my womenhood just because I lost my uterus, like I was a mental case. It took years for the harmone fluxuations to settle down.

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