IVONNE's Journey with Breast Cancer

Patient: Breast Cancer

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: about 10 years ago, Female, Age: 67, Stage II

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    about 10 years ago
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    Oh No

    I had breast cancer 24 years ago. I was 33 years of age. I had a mastectomy and received 6 months of chemo. In September of this year I scheduled my yearly mammogram and pointed out that I had a small lump in my breast. They took lots of pictures and also did an ultrasound. I did not hear from them for almost two weeks. I thought every thing was fine. Then I received a letter telling me this was suspicious and I needed an MRI and a biopsy. My OBGYN doctor referred me to abreast surgeon and all the tests were run. Then I got the call from my doctor that it was malignant. I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, October 25. My new journey begins.