terese2011's Journey with Breast Cancer

Survivor: Breast Cancer

Patient Info: Finished active treatment less than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: over 9 years ago, Female, Age: 38, Stage I, HER2 Positive: No, ER Positive: Yes, PR Positive: Don't Know

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    over 8 years ago
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    Double Mastectomy

    Procedure or Surgery

    Overall the procedure went really well. I was in the hospital for 2 days post op and had 4 drains that remained in place for about 3 wks. The hardest part was the inability and discomfort when reaching overhead. And not wearing deodorant for over a month. It was hard to go out and think I smelled, in addition to feeling like I was sick.

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    Minimal Side Effects: Neutral/NA
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    over 8 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

    The side effects were managed well with anti-emetics but it was still a very draining experience. I received treatment on Fridays and by Monday I was able to go to work. Though residual nausea lasted about a week. I had treatment every two weeks.

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