Bmkubiak's Journey with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

Patient: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

Patient Info: Finished active treatment more than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: about 20 years ago, Female, Age: 72, Stage IV

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    over 8 years ago
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    Nausea medicine

    Drug or Chemo Therapy

    I took a combination of drugs. I was on CHOP chemo cocktail , but most significantly , antibody therapy. I was on many other medicaions either to help with the symptoms of chemo or with the effects to my body from the chemo. I took iv drugs for nausea and compazine and ativan at home for nausea. I took shots at home when my neutrofil count went down. I did take anti-depressants for a time and also prednisone to aid in the chemo process. Other than being tired, I had to take a leave at my job because my white blood count was very low and made me vulnerable to infections. As I write this, it seems all negative, but it wasn't . It took me along time to mourn the loss of my hair{probably 5 years)

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