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Patient: Liver Cancer

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: over 8 years ago, Male, Age: 50, Stage IV

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    Partial liver removal

    Procedure or Surgery

    I was first diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer in 2010. I was very very shocked, I was experiencing bleed for awhile but thought it was nothing. I had no pain or anything at first. Then after awhile it started to get worse, so i discussed it with my family and close friends. It was to the point when having a bowel movement lots of bleeding was happening. So, with the encouragement by family and friends i had a colonoscopy. I was very scared at this point, cancer doesnt run in my family so i thought no way. Well, the day that i had to meet with gastrologist after the colonoscopy with my imediate family with me i got the terrible news. I couldnt believe it everything started to run through my head, am i going to die and leave my loving family, is this it for me, i couldnt breath for a few and my thoughts went crazy, what was i in for now. A little bit after the diagnosis i had a colony resection, and i had a colostomy bag placed also. When i came to after the surgery i was in a great deal of pain even with the morphine button , i would hit it like all the time, even though it only dripped by time. Then came the fun of having to learn how to deal with the colostomy, i have a very very weak stomach. The day i had to look at the stoma i lost it, there was no way i was going to be able to care for that for a year. I called my family saying i saw it and theres no way im going to be able to do this ,, theres no way i cant. Well i got out of hospital and the wound decided it didnt want to heal and close, so after awhile of stuffing gauze in the wound, gross. I went to see a wound specialist who told me that i would need a wound vac, so i had one placed and had nurses come in evey day to take care of wound and clean vacc, the smell would nealry make me vomit. After having the wound vacc for about 4 weeks it started to close enough to start chemo, fun fun. I had 6 cycles of chemo where id spend up to four days in hospital every other week and then had a break for 51/2 weeks of radiation, and then 6 more cycles. Well peopel back to the colostomy care, i did it for a year with a lot of up and downs,, more downs though. I never thought i was going to be able to do that , but when i knew i had to take care of my body and someday id be better, i got through it. It was not fun waking up at night with the bag bursted open or being in public and have a leak or bag fall totally off. But i did it and got through it, u can to. I got through that year of well. I had gotten sick a few times during the treatments with various things. Im not gonna go through everything id be writing a book lol. Well all tests came back that i was cleared from cancer after all the treatments, i had the reversal. After the reversal i went through XXX in the hospital, because the colon did not do much throughout the year of colostomy and had to pick its self up and operate again. Well it didnt happen right away and things came out like the niagara falls. I was embarrassed with the nurses. I didnt have a fun time waiting for colon to operate like normal, close calls and sometimes not making them calls at all, it was XXX. Now i have found out by surprise which i feel lucky couldve been worse in 6 months to a year. This past july during a ct scans by oncologist for a hydrocele i had in my left testicle to make sure thats all it was. Well, he saw something and wanted an mri done to make sure its ok. Well, i got a call from my sister to meet her at her house when she got out of work, shes an rn at hospital that oncologist works at too. Well, I got to my sister s house and then my mom showed up, then my other sister showed up. By this time i was getting bad vibes that something wasnt right. Well, she came home too and asked me to come into the kitchen where they were all at. She told me that the cancer has gone into my liver, they found 2 spotsand many smaller one, and one spot on your liver. I lost it and broke down i thought i was free of cancer it shocked me bad, we all cried. Now, im into a month and about a half after i had a liver resection and hydrocele repaired. They took left side of liver out. I was in hospital for about a week. I was in a lot of pain but tried to walk alittle everyday, i wanted to get better. Well onenight the wound just started dripping fluid out soaking gauzes, come to find out next day i had an infection. I had to go back into hospital for 3 days and get antibiotics and fluids. The antibiotic made me feel sick fladual i dont know the spelling. That week i went to see surgeon for post op, he said u have an infection inside we r going to have to cut u open again right now in the room.. I was not happy i was close to healing. Well they did it and had a family nurse and my sister who is a nurse andmy other sister come in daily to stuff the deep wound with gauze. I couldnt do it then it was to much for me they had to stuff in with q tip gross. Since then it has closed alittle more everyday., still open but i can change my own dressings now. I start my first injection of evaston tomorrow morning for an hour and a half. Then next tues i will be admited for first regular chemo for 72 hours every other week. i will be having 12 cycles which will last till end of febuary. They are hoping that the spot on the lung will go away from chemo, I HOPE. I have had a total life change i can no longer drink any alcohol for 6 months, i liked to have a beer now and then with friends and family. But i cant and i know if i do the liver wont rejuvemate nicely and could cause some bad problems. I'm hoping that this is the end of cancer, but it never sleeps u never know when it s going to creep up again. But, today im happy to be alive and grateful for my oncologist finding the cancer or who knows what id be like months from now. Be well all.

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