ewalsh's Journey with Kidney Cancer

Survivor: Kidney Cancer

Patient Info: Finished active treatment more than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: about 15 years ago, Male, Age: 69, Stage II

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    almost 9 years ago
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    Oh No

    I went to my PCP for help with mygraines. He reminded me of a test that was recommended as a result of a physical that was given to me for a new job. The cat scan came up negative except for a suspicious shadow that showed on the edge of the image. After another Cat scan of my lower abdomen the cancer was found in my Kidney. I was referred to an HMO doctor and given further tests. I asked for a referral to see another surgeon for a second opinion. The first surgeon called and said there was an opening for the procedure to be done almost immediately. I delayed the procedure and waited for the second opinion. The second doctor was a PPO surgeon and my Ins. was HMO , I have no idea why I was permitted to see the second doctor but as you shall read I was very glad it happened. The first surgeon wanted to perform a standard surgery by cutting my abdomen open and removing the kidney. The second surgeon suggested a 'hand assisted laproscopic' removal of the kidney which my HMO approved even though I had a PPO physician and hospital. My advise from this short narrative ; always get a second opinion and don't believe that your insurance can prevent you from getting the best care/procedure you can find. I was approved for the second surgeon's procedure with the decreased recovery time and overall expenses, I received a less invasive procedure at a top cancer hospital by a top level surgeon.