barbara's Journey with Multiple Myeloma

Survivor: Multiple Myeloma

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: about 12 years ago, Female, Age: 65

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    over 8 years ago
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    Oh No

    I ws diagnosed with cancer January 2009 this was after trying to figure out what was going on with me about once a year at the same time i would come up with broken ribs and my body being in pain. Later begin to start having pain below my rib cage that would not go awa. this went on for months along with being tried all the time. Finally after several years my sister and i was looking in through the kitchen cabinet to see what iitems we needed to purchase for Christmas, i bend down and when I did i could hear a bone pop and my sister and i looked up at each other and said that something is wrong with me and all of what being going on with my body is connected. We stop and immediatley called my family doctor for an appointment. After viviting my family doctor and she diagnosed that i did have broken bones, but she was more concern about my blood. She stated that I need to put you in the hospital right now to give you blood. But i can't because we have to see where the blood is going. She stateed i she was going to make me an sppointment with aematoloby & Oncology. i was excited that i was going to finally see what was wrong with me and i could pain free. i went back to wotell everyboby that i had an an apppintment with an Oncology, not knowing that he was an cancer doctor my mind did not register that at the time. to make a long story short went to my appointment with the Oncology after blood works and test several day later going back to the doctor he told me that he found out what was wrong with me and wanted to know did i come to the doctor by myself and i told him no and it ask me to call my husband to come back. before my hushand enter the room he told me that h had canccer and my mind went blank. i said how can that be. He would later explain to the both of us that I had Mitiple Myeloma and that means the the cancer was throughtout my body. He explain everthing to my husband and I. Telling my my option, but immediately that day i begin taking medication and was placed on Chemo.. After going to several precedures November 2009 I had my first Bone Marrow Transport using my own Marrow.. As of now I'm still taking Chemo twice a week but Glory to God everything is at a stand still at this time i do not need another transplnat will be in the future i will need to have an transplant using my own marrow again and after that my finaly transplant will be with my sister who is my donor. But I thank Goa that everyhing is going well at this time. Do not get me wrong I have some good day and bad days but my good day out weight my bad my bad days. Living with cancer is a daily journey you sometime cannot explain the way you bod feels or whether or not you will be able to get out of the bed the next day.