acbeach's Journey with Breast Cancer

Patient: Breast Cancer

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: about 4 years ago, Female, Age: 70, Stage I, HER2 Positive: Don't Know, ER Positive: Yes, PR Positive: Don't Know

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    about 4 years ago
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    will have mastectomy

    Decision Point

    waiting on brca 1 &2 testing to see if it is single or bilateral. Deciding on type of reconstruction 11/1/12 Just got genetic results back. Must are all negative. Thank G-d. Monday will make final appointment with plastic surgeon. Then consult will be put in for sintineal nod biopsy and unilateral mastectomy. Grateful I will not have to have bilateral mastectomy. I do not know what kind of help I will need in hospital. Not sure what knid of help I will need at home after surgery. I am apprehensive. May have hormane and chemo after that.

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    almost 4 years ago
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    Breast Reconstruction (Implant)

    Procedure or Surgery

    will be having mastectomy and sentenial node biopsy Dec 3. I get scared. I have had a lot of surgery but never had to lose part of my body. concerned about what I will be able to do. Will I ever get strength back in affected arm? I pray. I am a senior citizen. I see how many young women also have to go on this journey. I pray for myself and all others. Sandy

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