Henry's Journey with Bladder Cancer

Patient: Bladder Cancer

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: over 8 years ago, Male, Age: 76, Stage 0

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    over 8 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

    Fortunately, my bladder cancer is low grade, non-invasive, and found on only 10% of my bladder wall. Since surgery on 10-24-12 to remove the cancer I have had 3 of 6 BCG treatments with minimal side effects. Some minor discomfort in my lower abdomen and lower back, and a bit of fatigue. Other than that I have been able to live my life relatively normal except for the fact that I know I have cancer, and it worries me. My urologist assures me that the mild discomfort in my lower abdomen and lower back as my BCG treatments continue is not uncommon. But, it's still on my mind. Have others experienced the same, or similar, side effects?

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