Cancer is back/Recurred - 2ndBC

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Cancer is back but different kind, 1st was positive estrogen receptor (1998), this time Triple Negative 9/2011.

Luckly it was caught very early due to a "Miracle". In August 2011, I was driving 55 mph when I felt I was going to faint, pulled to the side of the road in time, did not feel good so I went to the hospital, my blood work was a little strange so they did a CAT scan of my chest and saw nodules in my lung. The doctors could not find anything that night but suggested to see my oncologist about the nodules. My oncologist scheduled a PET scan and there they found out the nodules were not cancer but the Breast Cancer showed up. My mammogram was not scheduled til Jan 2012 and my oncologist said my prognosis would have been alot different if this did not get caught til then.

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