Surgery - 2ndtimearound

Procedure or Surgery Associated with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Esophagus Cancer. Posted on September 5, 2012 View this journey (9 Experiences)

Met with surgeon a 2nd time before surgery. As I had done some research on the internet, I asked the Dr if he could do part of the surgery laprascopically. He said he thought so & that he might even see better with cameras. He answered all my questions, walked me through what would happen & assured me that he would have minimal discomfort after, but would have a two week stay in the hospital. Surgery lasted 3.5 hours and the laprascopic incision was made through the scar from my breast cancer surgery. I had very little pain because of the effiicient use of drugs, but was off heavy drugs by day 7. Post surgery exam of tissue did find lymph node involvement. Big dissapointment!!! Was released from hospital on day 10. Dr. was very pleased with my recovery from the surgery. Went home with feeding tube.

Went as Expected: Strongly Agree
Minimal Recovery: Disagree
Minimal Side Effects: Disagree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Agree

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