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I really hate IV's, so I can't say it was easy, but it really had very little effect on me. On chemo days I would become slightly woozy; it was not extreme enough to qualify as nausea. I never missed a day of work and made up the hours I missed for my treatments. The only activity that suffered during my chemo was that on the night of a treatment I would explain to my nine-year-old son that I wasn't feeling very well and would ask if it would be okay for me not to read him a bedtime story that night, and he always understood and complied with my request. That was it!

One special blessing during that period of my life was that I never went alone for a chemo treatment. I was divorced, so I had no husband to accompany me, and I was between boyfriends. Friends from my Sunday School class or from my Friends of the Library group always came with me to chat, distracting me from the pain. It was a time to have fun with friends! Sometimes we would go out to lunch together afterwards (remember: I never got really sick).

Someone had told me before I started chemo that eating an apple just before an administration of it would prevent nausea, so I took an apple with me each time. I had been unable to confirm the veracity of the claim, but I knew that eating an apple couldn't harm me, so why not? I'm not convinced that this practice contributed to my getting through my chemo so amazingly easily, but it did cause me never to want to eat another apple! Ever since then, apples mean chemo to me, and I want nothing to do with them!

I did lose some of my hair, but not enough for most people to notice the difference; I would estimate that it was about 1/4 to 1/3 that I lost. As I result, I never had to rush out and and purchase the wig that I had taken a great deal of time selecting so that I would be ready when the need arose. Under no circumstances was I going to be caught dead without hair! I had very carefully found the wig that best matched my own long, dark, wavy hair and knew where to order it and how long I would have to wait for it to arrive.

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