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What my doctor told me was correct: once you make it through chemo, radiation is a piece of cake. I rejected the notion of being tattooed, not wanting any more permanent modification to my body than I had already experienced with the lumpectomy, so I was marked with a purple marker as needed (it would fade over time). The marker got onto my bras, but they were purchased just for my time of radiation and were not the sort I normally wore, so that wasn't a significant problem.

The radiation made my skin red and itchy like a sunburn. I had been told not to scratch, but I couldn't help it. I used lotion, but I still itched. This was the worst of the side effects--probably the only one.

Just as with my chemo, I had to leave work for my radiation treatments, but I quickly made up all lost time. I had been concerned about using up my vacation time on my cancer treatments, but I didn't end up using a bit of it.

The room in which I received my radiation had numerous windchimes of all sorts hanging from the ceiling. Looking at them during treatment was fun. I learned the first day that they had been provided by patients who had gone before me, so I began shopping for my contribution long before I had completed my regimen. Presenting it was a pleasure--a celebration of the victory over cancer that was now, at the end of surgery, chemo, and radiation, complete. I had survived.

Painless Experience: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Agree

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