Fourth of July Church Picnic - 2xSurvivor

Celebration Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (10 Experiences)

A few days after my chemo had ended, my church had a Fourth of July picnic. My nine-year-old son and I attended it. The one thing I remember about it is playing with hula hoops. I had been very good at the hula hoop as a child and had come in second in a hula hoop contest as an undergrad, but subsequently I had lost all ability to keep the hoop up. At that picnic, I succeeded in doing so for the first time in over twenty years! Another victory! My son attempted to master the hula hoop but couldn't keep it going for more than a few seconds. I have two precious pictures, one of each of us doing the hula hoop that day, in my collection of treasured photos. There I am with a huge smile and my signature long hair, although slightly thinner than before, playing--only a week or two after having gone through a full regimen of chemo! What a blessing!

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