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Had my surgery March 24 2014. Waking up I had 3 lines running into me. A drain, an IV, catheter and of course my new colostomy. I also had an APR (abdominal perineal resection) so a new Barbie butt! I was drugged so I wasn't in pain but everything was slow going. I needed to be very careful about lifting and using my abs for the next 6 wks. I wasn't even allowed to swiffer the floors (use a flat broom/duster). Going to the washroom was a challenge with all the tubes but I was lucky that I seem to be recovering quickly (I was 42 at the time) and got the drain and catheter removed in 1 day. I was in the hospital for 4 days. I had home/wound care with a visit from the nurse once a wk. Bleeding from the APR site continued for about a month which was remedied with a pad. I was able to bathe and after figuring out to keep my new colostomy dry I showered. Sitting was difficult for a rather long time. A waffle cushion helped immensely.

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