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I saw my Dr. Thursday, 1/19/12 and was given info on Mohs surgery for my skin cancer. The only problem is I suffer from other conditions causing severe anxiety with panic and chronic pain. If I do the Mohs surgery I will have a very hard time working through the procedure which will be an all day appt for me. I can't sit in a waiting room all day with my back disorder, and also afraid of having a panic attack while there waiting.
The Dr. agreed that it would be a long day due to the area of my cancer . Because of my other medical conditions we believe our best bet would be for me to get treatment with their plastic surgeon. I have not heard back from the Dr. as of today and I am anxious to know what my options are now. I don't feel like I am moving forward with this. I feel like I am stuck. If I do decide to go with a different treatment, will it be as effective as the Mohs is?

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    I would call the dr back and at least leave him a message to call me back cause I had concerns about this issue...when is your next appointment to go into the office? I would weigh my options and with both procedures but I wouldn't put myself through the torture of the panic attacks and pain...just have to talk to your dr, keep me posted on how it goes and if you need anything let me know. Stay strong. Stay positive.

    about 7 years ago

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