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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Atypical, Lung Carcinoid Tumor. Posted on September 6, 2012 View this journey (2 Experiences)

I was originally going to get a second opinion during my spring break so that i wasn't missing a lot of work. Well within a month of being diagnosed i got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. After that i coughed nonstop and lived on cough drops. I was so tired and just warn down i said forget the second opinion i just want to have the surgery and get it over with. The doctor got me into surgery in record time. Once he got me opened though he was quite surprised. It seemed the tumor pretty much sucked the life out of my lung and it was so bad looking he called in a second surgeon to consult with. He ended up having to take 2/3rd's of my lung out. After surgery he came and broke the news that it was bad and it was major surgery and that it was cancer. he got it all and it had not spread to my lymph nodes. So I didn't need any treatments and have been cancer free for two years this year.

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