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On June 27 2014 I went to a quick care clinic for abdominal pain and unable to go to the bathroom. The nurse practitioner thought I might have appendicitis so I was sent to the ER. There I had a CT of Abd and pelvis and a blockage was found. I was admitted to the hospital and had a colonoscopy the next day and a partial colectomy the day after. My surgeon was amazed at how I had not had any symptoms till two days before. They were able to remove all of the blockage and I was fortunate to not have to have a colostomy. It took 6 weeks to find out a type of cancer I was originally thought to have ovarian with mets to the colon. My biopsy was sent to over 6 labs and was told many things finally a specialist confirmed colon cancer.

Went as Expected: Strongly Agree
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