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Saw the oncologist today. He reviewed my CBC reports, the original one, before chemo started, then the two that followed since the first chemo treatment. He was more than thrilled with what the blood report was reporting. It was way better than what they had expected. Totally surprised him. When he went to physically exam the tumor, it was no longer as large as it had been and was no longer hard like it had been. Fact is, I had to feel it out to show him where it was because he could not locate it! He was thrilled with the success we are having. (NOT more than I though!). So we go with our 2nd round of chemo this coming Monday, 5/7/2012. He said changing my diet and taking supplements would not make a difference. But I have changed my diet, purchased a I can increase my intake of vitamins from fresh grown fruits and veggies, virtually removed sugar from my diet, no products with high fructose corn syrup and no processed foods. No pop, coffee, some tea and lots of water. My weight has started to come back down to where it should be as well and I am trying to walk a couple of miles each day as well. I am also taking several supplements, coordinated with a nutritionist, to help fight the cancer and counteract some of the side effects. My first chemo was on a Monday, my last nausea pill was one on the following Sunday. Other than that, I have been doing really, really well. It has been 16 days since my first chemo and I'm just now starting to see SOME hair loss, but not in least not yet! The last 10 days I have felt pretty much normal. I do have a metal taste when I drink water but I add lemon juice to my water and I don't taste the lemon, but I don't taste the metal taste either, plus I'm getting more Vitamin C! Yea! We are excited about our success!

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    Sounds great! Same exact response I got after my first treatment. Herceptin really shrinks those tutors. I have improved my diet and added supplements too. I had the breast health panel done at the Riordan clinic. Then, bought the supplements I needed. Was low in most things from the chemo. Haven't cut the sugar out yet but know I need to.

    over 8 years ago
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    We're excited for you, too! That is great - keep it up!

    over 8 years ago

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