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Wow, had our 2nd follow up visit with the oncologist yesterday. I am doing chemo every three weeks for a triple positive breast cancer tumor. After TWO treatments of chemo, the tumor has now gone from a very hard substance 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm...that took a couple of biopsy needles to penetrate to get enough tissue to test for a soft gel like substance.....and now after the 2nd is the size of A PEA! He said my bloodwork was great. But was astounded with the progress and the size of the tumor. He said whatever I am keep doing it because something is obviously working! YEA! So we will keep going with the supplements and the change in diet. He says we will continue the chemo as scheduled until mid July, then we will do a lumpectomy because he wants the surgeon to go in and make absolutely sure the tumor is gone. He is very optimistic that the chemo will totally eliminate the tumor. I can live with that! My prayer warriors have been doing an awesome job! Could not be where we are without their support! YEA PRAYER WARRIORS!

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