Cancer is shrinking - Alyce

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Finished last round of chemo on 7/30. Saw the surgeon today, 8/9. Same one we saw in March when she said back then, that regardless of chemo, that I would have to have a mastectomy due to the size of my tumor ( it was over 1.76"). She came in today, all set to schedule the mastectomy and move on.....BUT she could not find the tumor! She did a physical exam and did a sonogram. She could not absolutely be sure of where the tumor was, even going back to her notes from March and going directly to the tumor location.....she still could not find it! We will still do surgery, but we are planning on a lumpectomy and that is only because they want to go in and find if they are any physical remains of the tumor, remove it and tissue surrounding the tumor to make sure they get all cancerous cells. At this time, all evidence show the lymph nodes are just fine. Nothing shows up on physical exam nor on the sonogram!!!!

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