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Oh No Associated with Invasive (Infiltrating) Ductal Carcinoma . Posted on April 12, 2012 View this journey (13 Experiences)

My tumor is a triple positive (see no point in calling this a POSITIVE!) it is being fed off of my estrogen, progesterone and HERS-2 as well. Surgeon has elected to NOT do surgery, but try chemo for 4 months. This was decided after I asked her to do a double mastectomy and reconstruction and be done with it. We see the oncologist for the first time on 4/12/2012. Bone scan, CT scan and Echocardiogram were completed on 4/10/2012. Results will be shared with us on 4/12/2012. Measured at 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm, grade 2, don't know what the stage is yet. Port-a-cath installed 4/5/2012.
Grade 2, Stage IIA.

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