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During treatment the puffiness from the steroids and feeling heady all the time and like I was going to throw up made it difficult to work. I continued to work 20-30 hours a week which helped take my mind off everything at times. After treatment, for the first three years I had ongoing bladder problems bleeding from the bowel and bladder. I had lost almost all control over my bowel and eventually was forced to retire. Hair loss during treatment was fun at the beginning but then with the puffiness from the steroids and feeling ill and throwing up it just added to the overall feeling of despair. I couldn't believe I was ever going to feel normal again. You have to get used to an entirely different body after having the same one for so long knowing every little feeling and what it meant. I felt like I had been given some one else s body to live with. I was amazed at how strange that was and just longed to feel like my old self again. That was the hardest of all for me to deal with.

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