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I had my bone marrow transplant on June 16th, 2010. I had a perfect match donor from Germany. I had a week of very strong chemo to wipe everything out before my transplant. The day of my transplant was not a fun one. After I got infused with all the marrow, I had the worst migraine headache I have ever experienced. Nothing would take the pain away. I had to strong pain medicine every few hours to help the pain the whole day. I was in the hospital for a month for my transplant. Throughout my recovery at the hospital I had a very bad sore throat for 10 days where I could barely swollen anything, not even medicine. It was a very hard experience but i got through it.

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    My husby just had his 2nd BMT...HOLY MOLY what a wild ride, not too much about it was fun but he & I managed to find humor in so much of it all. I met him after his 1st BMT so our dreams came true after a cancer Diagnosis, I often tell people in some ways Cancer in our lives has been a gift(not one you ask for) but you learn so much about living~!~ I hope you stay well~!~ do you do anything to help the registry, we both just became volunteers for Be The Match, Davids was a unrelated donor from outside the country, so we feel so blessed to have been given this chance & we both realize that too many people are mis-informed, success stories help get people motivated to save more lives so we are trying to get as many people to get on the registry as we can. We got Married at The Ventura Relay for Life, a Cancer fundraiser, maybe one day we will see you at one of Those walking the Survivor lap~!~

    almost 10 years ago

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