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I had a boyfriend of 2 years throughout my whole experience. He was there for me through everything and was really great support for me. Three days before I was about to get out of the hospital for good he broke up with me because his feelings had changed. He went on with life without me and I had to learn to cope without him.

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    Omg same thing happened to me he brokenup with me but he did it when I was starting to loose my hair I felt alone but it made stronger. It was really sad go through all the treatment without him I thought he was made for me but I was wrong.

    over 9 years ago
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    I too had a bf for 3 years. we broke up and about a month or so later i was diagnosed with cancer. he was very involved the first 2 months of my treatment but then after that he slowly drifted out of my life. it was a very hard thing to deal with. so i feel really bad for both of you. its very aweful for a man to just give up on you but then you dont know what they are thinking and if they just couldnt handle being with someone with cancer.

    over 9 years ago

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