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Had a surgeon tell me on phone I had cancer and he would schedule me for Mastomy. On the phone. Could not believe it. I had a friend who wanted to know how I was. I said not good, and next thing I know there was a whole group helping me cope!!! Found out I had cancer on husband's birthday.

  • homeeduc8ormom's Avatar

    My primary doctor told me on the phone, too. She said, "So I guess you were figuring you had cancer." I said, "Umm, no... I wasn't figuring that." Then she went on to read the results of the biopsy. I know doctors are busy, but it would help if they thought about how it would feel if they or someone they loved deeply were in the shoes of the patients they call. Hang in there and don't let anyone rush you into decisions you don't feel informed enough to make.

    6 months ago
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    I'm sorry you are going through this. I found out on the phone, too. My doctor sent the biopsy to the lab, and went on vacation. I waited almost two weeks for results. I finally called to follow up, and someone from the lab read the results to me while I was sitting in my car in a parking lot. I'm so glad that you have a great group of friends to support you through your treatment!

    6 months ago

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