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Friday was the day for my surgeon to remove the tumor that has plaques me for almost two years. My faith was strong so going in I was really at ease. After I woke up I knew my journey had just begun. Pain was no joke. Still is no joke. On this seventh day out from surgery, I can barely walk, the pain is not controlled by the dilaudid and I feel like stuff wants to come out of me. While in the hospital a nurse put medicine in the wrong port and i had an painful allergic reaction that I could only keep screaming. Didn't know recovery would be this hard since I had a hysterectomy in 2010, this is so much worst. The surgeon said that the cancer was higher than thought and said he would not call it rectum but colon (it was at the junction) so he had room to resection. I did not have to have a bag in me. Yay! He also said he wouldn't recommend radiation because the cancer was in my pelvic area and it would destroy organs and I would not regain the usage. I am still waiting for the pathology report to see if it penetrated the lymph nodes and if so I will need chemo. I do not want that oxiplatin or whatever everyone keep talking about but it sounds brutal. My peripheral neuropathy when crazy and I lost usage of my legs and they swelled and it was crazy. Long hospital stay but i came home and my daughter arrived 10 minutes later from the airport. So happy to see her after missing her for a year. Its been so long. Maybe my healing will actually start now that she is here.
I thank the people that have been praying for me.

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