I wnt through breast cancer 10 years after lymphoma cancer. - Angeleyes811

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I had been cancer free for 10 years and one night laying in bed, I felt a very large hard knot in my right breast. I went to my doctor immediately and she sent me for a CT scan. I knew it was Cancer. They told me to wait that the doctor wanted to see me. When he walked in the room, I said to him "I have cancer, don't I? He said yes but I knew. This time I wasn't scared. I knew I could beat it. After all I am a survivor. They did a biopsy to make sure. I really wanted the doctor to do a mastectomy so I wouldn't have to worry but he said he was going to do a lumpectomy which meant I would have to have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I have small breasts so the mastectomy would not have bothered me and I wouldn't have needed radiation which really scarred me so now I only have a 1/4 of a breast but I have pain quite a bit from the radiation scarring me so bad. 3 months of chemo and 6-1/2 week of radiation 5 days a week.

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