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Of course I had anxiety and depression in the beginning, jaw pain where it hurt to eat, bone pain, that went through my entire body for a week. I was admitted to the hospital several times because my temperature went up to 102, just for a couple times and so many tests done to check and see if the chemotherapy was damaging other parts of my body. When I was admitted to the hospital, that was the only time I felt really safe. Your mind is always working and if no one understands what is going on with you, you fear you are going to die. You have to make up your mind to fight and believe me, it is a fight but don't ever give up. Don't let the word Cancer make you think it is the end. It became a beginning for me because I learned to appreciate life so much more and the beauty around us. I took up photography and everyday I would see something beautiful to capture which made the treatments easier.

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