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I'maTriple Negative Breast Cancer survivor. I fought Rectalcancer ALL year. I did 30 days of Daily Radiation & Chemo. After all of that the side effects were beyond Tortured. I did what I could to save my Vagina, Rectum & Anus. To avoid a permanent colostomy. Well I am told that is my only option. Which isn't what I believe I can live with. Now trying to find any natural help. I'm so sad that loved ones are mad at me and saying mean things to me... It is my Body.. I know what I can and can't live with or without.. It is my choice, my body right?

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    Of course it's your choice whether or not to choose treatment. And I can only imagine what you've been through---my b/c treatments (b/c 2x) were really not that severe, in retrospect. Maybe your friends & relatives are mad because they don't want to lose you and have no inkling of what you've really been through? You must be exhausted. What helped me to go through treatment the second time around was to make a bucket list. There were so many things on there that I had yet to do in my life! One of them was to hold my first grandchild...and I've done that now. For me, any treatment I can imagine was worth it for being able to do that. But you will have to decide that for yourself. Maybe the bucket list will help. Good luck in finding your way. Please keep us updated on your decision-making journey. We all care about you.

    over 2 years ago
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    If you wonder if you can live with a permanent colostomy, why don't you tell your doctor you'd like to talk to or meet some patients who have one? Possibly there's a support group for colostomy patients where you could visit and talk to some patients. Your doctor's office should be able to help, but if not call the American Cancer Society to ask to talk to patients with a colostomy. They also have lists of support groups to attend. If you make a list of your questions and concerns, you can gather important info for your decision.

    Yes, it's your choice, but don't delay gathering information and making your bucket list, in case you decide to have the surgery. Your doctor probably told you how soon you need to have your surgery for it to be successful.

    Life is pretty good, so I hope you change your mind. The most effective treatments for your cancer are being used by your doctors, so I would stick with their solutions. Have you asked your doctor if there's an alternative option to surgery? Ask if he knows of any natural treatments. (Some patients would also get a second doctor's opinion on an alternative to surgery.)

    If you don't change your mind about surgery, ask your doctor if you are a candidate for clinical trials (research) or immunotherapy?

    Look at your bucket list and imagine. . . .

    over 2 years ago

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