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I had a choice to have a double mastectomy done,because of the type of cancer i have there is such a high chance that it will come in the other one so yes i ask could they remove both why risk it..Surgery will be the end of this month praying hard about it i am very nervous,6 weeks is a long time to heal..but i trust God will work it out because i have no idea how to sit with my baby...yes i am nervous!!

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  • Statto's Avatar

    I had a double masectomy with spacers put in at the same time for reconstruction. I felt pretty good after a few weeks. One word of advice. Do the exercises to stretch the muscles they give you. Don't push yourself but do them. I had periodic soreness but otherwise it wasn't that bad. And I love my new boonies.

    over 8 years ago
  • Scheryl's Avatar

    I also had double in March due to nature of cancer. Non-affected breast had pre-cancerous cells so it ended up being a real good choice for me. I am not having reconstruction at this time and may not ever (I am 67 so it is a diffenent scene for you who are younger; I probably would have at your age). Healing for me was very short but that was helped, I am sure, by not having implants. The non-affected side was a "non-event" almost. The affected side was a little slower due to lymph node removal but overall not as bad an experience as I anticipated. Dealing with implants in another issue which I did not face. Most of my "breast friends" did have implants (all are in 30's, 40's and 50's). A little more issues but it seems the right thing for them to do and worth the extra issues. Again, if I were younger, I would have also had reconstruction. Good luck and be sure to look for local support groups also if you have any close to you.

    about 8 years ago

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