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I was having problems with my teeth and a filling had fallen out of my mouth and then a sore spot formed on the side of my tongue. I unkowingly just thought it was the broken tooth scraping the tongue causing the pain. Then one day I really looked at my tongue and this thing looked weird, and just as weird at work that night I found a book about oral cancers and what they look like but I said to myself...thats not me!!!
Finally got too painful and went to oral surgeon and removed the tooth, he was very concerned with the look of the sor ein my mouth he said we urgently need to do a biopsy..I immediately Knew I had cancer... I knew it..God gave me a weird feeling and I was at peace with it. The surgeon did a biopsy the same day as the tooth removal and then I waited a week for the results...
The results came in as a Squamous cell carcinoma- well differintiated...

I was numb...WHY??? Because my world was falling apart right then with the realization I have No Health insurance! So what am I going to do, this sore in my mouth is getting bigger and it is hard for me to swallow and talk at times.
Im scared to get alot of bills and I cant pay for them. I am so scared of this thing growing larger each day but I cant get ahold of a single person that sounds like they care...all I get is..You dont have health insurance!!!! Ohh mY!!!

More to come as the days go by take care!!

  • angie's Avatar

    I forgot to mention, I am scared as XXX ..

    over 8 years ago
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    Also, get to a social worker at your hospital or cancer center. They may be able to help you navigate through the resources to find something that works for you. Remember that there are millions of people who do care, and that you are not alone in your experiences.

    over 8 years ago

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