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Colostomy & skin around it became irritated from thin stools ,painful . Went to surgeon . Had colonoscopy through ostomy had stricture surgeon revised stoma, now it is under skin level of course it got infected went to ER it was swollen ,hot,read & I wouldn't put a bag on until I was free from severe pain ,which was hrs. Iv antibiotics & dilaudid for 141 days,d/c home I asked for a ostomy specialist & was blessed when my home health nurse had 40 yrs of experience , after 2 months I was healed & was tAught irrigation. ,worked great for 4 months,saw dr few months later ,he suggested I lay on floor to irrigate, took me 2 wks to try since I have bulging disc ,advanced arthritis ,syrinx of spine I was like a turtle on my back , went back to surgeon in Nov,time for a colostomy & also got egd dilated esophageous. Now I have a outie stoma again. He found a sm. hernia & ended up with 8" incision on my abd. Was suppose to be less than 1" but dr said my bowel is small. My husband & I planned a 2wk vacation in Costa Rica Dec 14. Dr said before surgery I could go ,didn't expect all this staples out 10 days scant amt drainage on bottom 1" of incision ,more antibiotics, 7 days later released ok to get in water on trip. I arrived with filled Rx of antibiotics

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