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Ct shoes nodules in both lungs ,not big enough to biopsy . Dr Scheduled 6 wk repeat ct ,after a few days I freaked out I wanted to get a 2nd opinion @ Mayo clinic .my ins co told me how to do this. Worked a wk calling arranging trip .the day before I went my ins co said I needed a dr referral ,& said they would let me know if I was approved by 5pm on Friday before Labor Day ,they called my cell phone 5 mins before they closed & hung up after 3 rings,leaving no msg ,earlier I the day a nurse from my oncologist office called me & said the ins co. Called her & told her they wouldn't pay for a trip to Mayo. the ins dept.@ Mayo had told me I was covered ins told mayo they rather me go to university of Ky. I decided I am going to Mayo. I need assurance that I need their opinion for my peace of mind . I called the ins co. Back & left msg saying I would gladly go to u of ky onMonday ,I also said if I didn't get a call back confirming a visit to u of ky I would be in Rochesteter Mn. My husband felt like I was jumping the gun. But I was so scared since my diagnosis in 2011 ,I told my husband Mayo clinic wasn't in the business to authorize treatment for payment ,& I said I am going anyway . So we flew out & was scheduled for tests & oncologist colo/rectal specialist. Oncologist lung specialists .had pet scan. Ct scan colo/-rectal specialist agreed with my Ky. Oncologist ,not big enough to biopsy lung nodules ,no mets found ,I was a happy camper relieved, better safe than sorry . By the way primary ins covered the visit. & I have Medicare as secondary

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